Elizabeth Taylor's beautiful White Diamonds factice bottle is
about 10.5 inches high.The jewel encrusted bow is about 3.25
inches high and 6.5 across the bow. The jewel ribbons that run
down either side are about 1.25 inches wide.
The bottle is about 5 inches across at the widest point. It is
heavy glass and in very good condition with no flaws, and has no
stones missing. It is a gorgeous bottle and fitting memento for
remembering Elizabeth Taylor!


The top of this Oscar de la Renta factice is in the shape of an
open flower, with a dew drop in the petals.
The bottle itself is about 4.5 inches high, and the flower is
about the same, making the entire thing 9 inches high. It is truly
a unique and beautiful bottle.

two sizes available

This exquisite bottle is made of Lalique crystal. It has two
opaque doves on the stopper.

The larger size is 13 inches, with the wingspans of the         
birds reaching almost 14 inches, and the height of the bottle
itself is 7.5 inches.  


The smaller size is about 7.5 inches, with the wingspan of the
birds reaching almost 8 inches.


Niki de Saint - Phalle  FACTICE  #106

This rare factice by Niki de Saint, a French artist, represents
the exquisite beauty of femininity. The snakes on top
contrast in nature, the longer, and slightly thinner of the two
is painted with a gold chrome, but pales in comparison to the
brightly painted snake which represents womanhood. The
snakes themselves measure about 6.5 inches high, and the
blue glass bottom is five inches high, across, and wide. The
gold top, on which Niki de Saint Phalle is engraved, is about
2.5 inches high, making the entire factice about 14 inches


This unique bottle is about 10 inches high, and 4.5 inches
wide along each of the sides on the square bottom.
The blue and gold cap is not centered, giving the bottle an
off-balanced look.


This teal colored factice is shaped to look like sails in
the wind. It is 11 inches high, and 6.5 inches wide. The
silver stopper is about 3.5 inches high.


This factice measures about 9 inches high, and 9.5 inches
wide. The bottle and cap are both salmon colored, the
crystal bottom measuring almost 5 inches high with a .75
inch wide silver band, and the plastic cap.

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This factice, although smaller than many others, is much
more distinct than most. It is about 7.5 inches tall, and 6
inches wide at its widest point. The crystal on top is cut to
look like a diamond, and measures over 2.5 inches
across. Beautiful!